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Our annual turnover is over Dhs. 500 Million, and we have 50,000 plus loyal customers & 6,000 plus national shareholders.

Al Ain Coop is recognized as one of the best generous companies for its support to local government entities & social communities.


As a Co-operative Society, Al Ain Coop follows a strategy that can offer the best to their customers and the Shareholders. The Strategy focused on attaining the organization’s long-term value-based positioning strategy with the slogan “Better Value Every day” to create a long-lasting brand image in the mindset of potential consumers & shareholders.

In addition, to offer the maximum ROI, Al Ain Coop always gives a special treat and consideration to the shareholders in providing the best shopping experience that maintain a good relationship with them.

As a retailer, Al Ain Coop always offers products at a competitive price to all the customers. Also, exclusive offers and promotions at a special price to the Loyalty cardholders, and it’s positioning Al Ain Coop unique position among their valued customers and shareholders.

As a Co-Operative retailer with social commitment, Al Ain Coop also makes sure to provide the best, healthy and organic products to their consumers and shareholders by joining the movement to support and promote local produce by offering local foods in stores, from fruits and veggies to eggs, meats, and cheeses –anything that fits in its “local” parameter.